SDF course full edition 01 (SDF01)

An independent and voluntary course for creative thinking and innovative minds. The full edition of the course is mainly for young people who are ready to make a difference. It is suitable for flexible and vibrant change seekers with a passion to apply systems thinking in local contexts. This course is recommended for both employed and unemployed people.
Duration: approx. 58 minutes
Format: Flexible, interactive, self paced online learning, with audio including video
Requirements: desktop computer or laptop or tablet (iPad, etc), headphones and internet broadband
Course Outline:
1. Global realities of sustainable development
2. Sustainable environments
3. Gaps and opportunities for job creation
4. Action planning for sustainable development
5. Short assessment and knowledge check

What will users get from the course?
• Approx. 58 minutes of interactive content with a blend of questions throughout the course.
• Understanding a simplified view of sustainable development, including why the United Nations considers it important and how it unlocks economic opportunities and relates to systems thinking
• Understanding how every economy should interplay with the society and the environment to create a better and sustainable future for all
• Identifying major economic gaps to reduce business losses and increase employment opportunities in developing countries
• Exploring real figures that show the comparative state of unemployment, electricity and infrastructure in Nigeria vis-à-vis developed countries
• Identifying soft skills that will improve individual employability and increase productivity
• Preparing participants to become better decision makers in every given opportunity whether in employment or business
• Eligibility to apply for participation in projects (subject to a selection process) that will have local impact to aid sustainable development
• Stimulating questions to initiate systems thinking in the context of sustainable development

Target audience
• Leaders who aspire to move with speed, getting it right first time
• Undergraduates who want to be adequately prepared with life skills in the changing world
• Postgraduates with a passion to add significant value to local environments without re-inventing the wheel or creating avoidable conflicts
• Youth corps members that are keen to gather refined knowledge, sharpen their skills and make a tactful entry into the business world
• Political analysts and other multi-disciplinary professionals that are new to the practical concept of sustainable development
  • sustainable development fundamentals v1.6
  • SDF01 Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever